CSRA Conference Call Minutes

April 2004


Ontario Report:

Presented by Joe Licandro


Indoor soccer is coining to an end and members are gearing up for the fitness test.  The OSA will not introduce the Beep test this year as they are waiting for the CSA to lead the way. Branches of die OSRA have generally handled their own winter education programs and some have requested assistance from the OSRA. to provide the instructor. There will be two Class II upgrading clinics on May 16th with over 100 candidates having applied. Pre clinic seminars are being arranged to assist candidates prepare for the upgrading exam. A Class I clinic will be held but as yet no date has been set. The CSA will hold a clinic in May to which FIFA officials, National Assessors and National Instructors have been invited.

B.C. Report:

Presented by Ken Montague.

The BCSRA annual general meeting will be held on May 1st in Victoria. This year is the 35th since their incorporation and their executive is looking at making a small commemorative presentation as nothing was done to celebrate 25 years. The BCSRA are now a full voting member of BC Soccer Referee Development Committee. BCSRA is attempting to establish area associations in Kelowna and William's Lake and are hoping to entice the Vernon Soccer Referee Association into their Association. There has been no further progress regarding Vancouver Island Soccer League forming its own referee association. BCSRA membership currently stands at 752 with the goal 1000 by the end of 2006. Those leagues in membership with BC Soccer have raised their game fees to $50/25 from $40/20.


New Brunswick Report:


Present by Ray Grenier


Meeting with regional reps held on March 27th. Referee clinics are being set up in all regions and instructor and student referee kits are being assembled. Two assessor clinics are set; May 1st in Moncton and May 2nd in Fredricton. These clinics will be conducted by Derek Wisdom and Tom Pollock. The fee paid to an assessor will be increased this year to $30 from $20. The referee and SNB will each pay half. The new referee program will require that the fitness test must be done by all senior referees, all referees will receive one assessment each year and every referee will be required to attend an annual refresher clinic. There is a new indoor facility near Bathurst with additional facilities scheduled for Moncton, Fredicton and St. John within 3-4 years.

Manitoba Report:

Presented by Larry Eloy


A Class IV Clinic had recently been held with 15 people attending. The was a good turn out for the MSRA AGM and the Refresher Course. Mario Perino has been appointed to the CSA Referees' Committee, replacing Jim Nicholson. The MSA Referee Development Committee has implemented a program of monthly education sessions which will require all officials to attend at least 50% of them between April and December. Failure to do so will result in a review of the referee's status. John Delacruz has been appointed as a National Referee, whilst Darci Kruse and Domenic Scali have been made Nominated National Referees. Orest Konowlachuk has been re-nominated. A survey sent to 40 former referees sought to determine their reasons for quitting has resulted in the majority citing die abuse they received. The Cooper Test remains the tool used to test officials in Manitoba.

Treasurer's Report:

Larry Eloy reported that our Bank balance stood at $3166.24 with no outstanding bills. Virginia Meachin recently sent a cheque for $6308.26 which represents the total in the Meachin Fund.


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